Nevena Vlaseva

. Web Designer . Front-End Developer .
Creating beautiful user-friendly designs
Searching for best solutions and practices
Slicing PSD to HTML5+CSS3+JS by the W3C Standards

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Nevena Vlaseva
Full Name :
Nevena Georgieva Vlaseva
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Date of birth :

Hi guys, I'm Nevena (known as Nev, Nevi, Veni, Ven, etc). I'm passionate about good looking and functional design and UI. I'm interested in web technologies, modern tendencies and effective solutions. How can I help you - graphic, web or branding design, PSD to HTML5, gather and discuss a project's requirements or just be your team member - that's your decision. Another thing about me - I'm a 100% teamplayer so if you hire me, please don't send me to a lonely island, `cause I ain't gonna be so happy to work out there alone. Oh well, if you are still reading this, you are probably quite curious, so go ahead and scroll down to see more about me.

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What I've worked, what I've studied



Web Designer

Main Activities and Responsibilities :

  • Create high-fidelity mockups for web applications
  • Paper prototyping for pre-grooming and brainstorming sessions
  • Build new UI elements and fix existing features of applications
  • Improve my UX skills with Usability books and UX workshops
  • Consult team with best practices for important UX decisions
  • Design creative graphic materials for marketing events and campaigns

The Mags

Web Front-End Developer

Main Activities and Responsibilities :

  • Maintain and fix existing projects
  • Bind designer's work with backend's logic
  • Produce HTML + CSS + JavaScript(jQuery) + JSON + AJAX on the base of an approved design
  • Follow W3C standards, handle crossbrowser compatibility and device support according to the requirements specification
  • Research best practices for different use-cases or new technologies for modern solutions
  • Work in teams with project managers, designers and back-end developers to fulfill specification requirements
  • Work with source-control software together with backend developers
  • Use of graphic technologies in web like SVG and Canvas
  • Structure project files using Server Side Includes (for larger projects)
  • Communicate with other teams to find the best solution on an issue or solve problems on the work-flow
  • Work on different scope projects: from simple facebook applications to large responsive websites with complex logic


Web Designer and Front-End Developer

Main Activities and Responsibilities :

  • Maintain and fix existing projects
  • Create design concepts for future projects
  • Build brand-new front-end for new projects on approved concepts
  • Design infographics for web
  • Produce images for web configuration out of high quality photos
  • Communicate directly with clients to get tasks and feedback


English language

Geo Milev (English Language Middle School) 8000 Bourgas (Bulgaria)

Web Front-End Development

Telerik Academy, Sofia

Photoshop for Web, Print and Video

Telerik Academy Outer Courses - CGArt, Sofia

Software Engineering

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics


Programming skills

X/HTML, HTML5/90% CSS, CSS3/95% jQuery/70%

Graphic skills

Adobe Photoshop/95% Adobe Fireworks/50% Adobe Illustrator/60%

Language skills

Bulgarian/95% English/75%


Sports/80% Photography/50% Arts and crafts/80%


Showcase of some of my non-professional works